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2021-04-14 17:08
14.04.2021: Correction looming over US stock market. When exactly? (DJIA, DXY, USD/CAD, BTC/USD)
2021-04-14 15:03
14.04.2021: Oil trading higher, but will trend persist? (Brent, WTI, USD/RUB, EUR/RUB).
2021-04-14 14:14
14.04.2021: EUR and GBP advance amid US inflation data. Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD
2021-04-14 10:53
14.04.2021: Uncertainty sweeps over market; outlook for USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD
2021-04-13 17:18
04/13/2021: Lull before a assault of new heights or a big correction? (DJIA, DXY, USD/CAD, BTC/USD)
2021-04-13 15:46
13.04.2021: Oil up and markets booming with optimism (Brent, WTI, USD/RUB, EUR/RUB)
2021-04-13 14:48
13.04.2021: How US inflation data may affect EUR/USD and GBP/USD?
2021-04-12 17:41
12.04.2021: US stock market closes last week at optimistic highs (DJIA, DXY, USD/CAD, BTC/USD)
2021-04-12 15:58
12.04.2021: EUR and GBP enter new trading week on positive note. Outlook for EUR/USD and GBP/USD.
2021-04-12 15:26
12.04.2021: Why is oil holding flat? (Brent, WTI, USD/RUB, EUR/RUB).